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Jade Warrior


Jade Warrior are a British group that were formed in 1970, originally evolving out of a band named July. The founding members were Tony Duhig (guitar) (born Anthony Christopher Duhig, 18 September 1941, Acton, west London; died 11 November 1990, Somerset, England), Jon Field (flute, percussion, keyboards) (born John Frederick Field, 5 July 1940, Harrow, Middlesex) and Glyn Havard (vocals, bass) (born 15 February 1947, Nantyglo, South Wales).

Musical career

Their debut album, Jade Warrior, was released in 1971 on the Vertigo label and established their trademark sound of soft/loud contrasts, and Field's multi-layered flutes and percussion vying with Duhig's cutting guitar. This was followed in the same year by Released, and then in 1972, by Last Autumn's Dream, both with appearances from Dave Duhig (solo guitar) and Allan Price (drums)[1]. (Price is not to be confused with Alan Price of The Animals).

Material for another two albums, Eclipse and Fifth Element was also recorded during 1973, but Vertigo cancelled the recording contract and these projects were shelved, not to see the light of day, until their subsequent release in 1998.

In 1974, Steve Winwood (of Traffic) urged Chris Blackwell of Island Records to listen to Jade Warrior. He did so, but would only sign them as an instrumental duo, which meant there was no place for Havard.

Duhig and Field (who also provided flute on Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells)[2] were to create four albums on Island Records, with their sound expanded to include choirs, harp, and a string quartet. Guest musicians on these albums included Steve Winwood (keyboards), Fred Frith of Henry Cow (violin) and Dave Duhig. The four albums were Floating World (1974), Waves (1975), Kites (1976), and Way Of The Sun (1978)[3].

Personal issues, illness, and Duhig moving house to set up a recording studio, meant that the next album to be released was the 1979 compilation, Reflections, taken from their Vertigo years and containing some (at the time) unreleased tracks. It was not until 1984 that any new material emerged with the release of Horizen and then, in 1989, At Peace which was performed solely by the duo. This was followed by another long hiatus until Jade Warrior started their next project with new band members; Colin Henson (guitar) and Dave Sturt (fretless bass). However, they were dealt a blow by the sudden death of Tony Duhig in 1990[4], before he could contribute to the album. The band decided to continue on with the album, which became the 1992 release Breathing The Storm on the Voiceprint label. This trio then released a follow-up album Distant Echoes in 1993 with guest appearances from Theo Travis of Gong (saxophone), David Cross of King Crimson (violin) and Tom Newman.

It seemed for a while that Jade Warrior may have disbanded, as their only output was the previously mentioned Eclipse and Fifth Element, but these were then joined by the re-issue of all four Island albums in 2006. In 2008 Jade Warrior, with Havard back in the band, released their fourteenth studio album NOW on the WindWeaver label.

Jade Warrior (Vertigo, 1971)
Released (Vertigo, 1971)
Last Autumn's Dream (Vertigo, 1972)
Floating World (Island Records, 1974)
Waves (Island Records, 1975)
Kites (Island Records, 1976)
Way Of The Sun (Island Records, 1978)
Reflections (Vinyard Productions, 1979)
Horizen (Pulse Records, 1984)
At Peace (Earthsounds, 1989)
Breathing The Storm (Red Hot Records, 1992)
Distant Echoes (Red Hot Records, 1993)
Elements: An Island Anthology (Island Records, 1995)
Eclipse (Acme Records, 1998)
Fifth Element (Hi-Note Music, 1998)
Floating World, Waves, Kites, Way Of The Sun (Eclectic, 2006)
NOW (WindWeaver Music, 2008)

"We Have Reason To Believe" (Vertigo, 1971)
"A Winter's Tale" (Vertigo, 1972)
"The Demon Trucker" (Vertigo, 1972)

Film soundtrack
A Game for Vultures (1979)

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